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By way of introduction, my name is Alex Chapman and I started a company called Chappo’s Valeting in Southend-On-Sea at age 13. I offered a bucket and sponge washes to friends and neighbours for £6.

The idea was simple, I liked cleaning cars and I had plenty of time on my hands, pairing that with earning £500 a year at the age of 13 made it a great hobby and part-time job.

Progressing into T Cut specials with an interior valet included for £20 which soon became popular. As time progressed, I began to offer a variety of valeting services from my parent’s driveway in Essex.

About AWC Car Detailing

I built a website for £10 a month, created 250 business cards and started to produce very basic videos which at the time I thought were cinema quality!

At the time the videos were popular at school – each new video was shared in Geography which wasn’t taken very seriously by pupils and teacher alike.

In November 2015 I experimented with valeting cars and selling them online. At the time it was a very small niche which would later become ‘sale or return’. After trying that for a bit, I returned my attention to Chappo’s Valeting, I decided to invest a few hundred pounds into converting Chappo’s Valeting into a more professional detailing service.

AWC Car Detailing Facility

This is when I created AWC Car Detailing. I kick started with a new logo, new website, new services, new business materials and of course, the ever-popular video! This is what lead me forward on my journey to become a top car detailing and PPF service in the South-East.

Business started booming. I hired AWC’s first unit which is where I spent evenings after school and weekend. One moment that stands out to me is a job for Ferrari LaFerrari came through, an amazing opportunity to detail. I arrived at the unit at 5 pm and worked on the car until 4 am before setting off for school at 8 am the same day.

The battle between business and education continued which eventually led me to drop one of three A-Levels and never looked back.

As things became busier it would time to move location. So, in February 2018 the time came to hire relocate to a state-of-the-art showroom and detailing facility. Which is now a proud home of AWC Car Detailing.

We would like to thank all clients, small and large for all their business over the last 7 years of business.

Alex Chapman

Owner – AWC Car Detailing


Our secure discreet facility ensures that we can work in a safe, clean environment. Our facility has CCTV to ensure ultimate security for your vehicle. We’re also fully insured so you can rest easy that your car is being looked after.

Meet the Team

Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman

Founder, Head Detailer


Charlie Mayes

Assistant Detailer

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