What we believe

Our Vision.

Our Vision is to create an industry-leading car care company that offers a world-class service and customer experience


The Founder.

By way of introduction, my name is Alex Chapman and I am the director of AWC. Over the last 9 years in this role, I have been pushing the business forward with particular focus on customer care and the AWC experience. I am constantly training myself and the team to ensure we remain one of the leading car care facilities in the UK.



Our secure discreet facility ensures that we can work in a safe, clean and purpose-built environment. We believe our showroom is one of the best in the UK with 3 detailing bays, a collection bay, a shop, glass boardroom and outside wash bay. We have the highest level of CCTV, insurance and police monitored alarm systems so you can rest easy that your car is in the safest hands.

Where it started


AWC was started in 2013 by Alex Chapman who offered £6 bucket and sponge washes to friends and family at the young age of 13.

Alex then progressed into offering T Cut specials with an interior valet included for £20 which soon became popular. As time progressed, he began to offer a variety of valeting services on his parent’s driveway in Essex.

He built a website for £10 a month, created 250 business cards and started to produce very basic videos which at the time he thought were cinema quality!

Fast forward nine years and Alex now runs one of the UK’s most popular detailing facilities with clients travelling from all across the South and even some from the Midlands, Plymouth and as far as Scotland.

Alex works alongside Ryan and Dan who all push the business in the right direction, whether that be sales, operations or mobile valeting.

The team at AWC have focused on a world-class experience from the initial quote all the way through to a bespoke collection experience including an Ipad displaying the client’s name and also a Bluetooth soft car cover, that reveals the freshly detailed vehicle.



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